Doublesion was born as a solo project by Fullmoon from Circumventor. It was born to give parole to crushing vein of Fullmoon himself. So he records first demo tape called Lydian in 1997. In 1999 went out a mcd called Assassination for Cyber Messiah records that had a good responce in many zines obteining wonderful reviews and being voted as top-cd in Grind Zone. In 2001 the debut Cd "8 Way to die" out for Cyber Messiah rec.

Year 2006, Doublesion turns to a real band and back to composition. They open a Clinic with Dr Fullmoon as headphysician and the crew composed by Dr Frank J P, Dr Viktor Blank, and Dr Avatar. The psyco cannibal manias are treated in new work titled “Cannibal Surgery” out in March 2008 for Fog Foundation seeing the partecipation of some patients (Gemini, Wolfgang, Mr Dino Fiorenza, Tsade and Guru of Darkness family all) to the musical project.

Stay tuned and enter the clinic. You will be welcomed meal/guest.